Hastings vet visit just a few clicks away!

With Holidays right around the corner, lots of gifts for family and close friends, budgets are tight.

You might have already sorted everyone else, but what about your pet? Are you searching for a Hastings vet but difficult to get there? Contact us for a home vet visit for £36 to give your pet a stress-free health check.

Is it time for annual vaccination?

No problem! We’ve got it covered. Our offer of £36 includes a home vet visit and check over but also any one booster that your pet is due. Usually, vaccination has a 3 months lead way, either before or after.

So if your pet is just a bit late, that’s fine, but don’t leave it too long as you will need a second visit shortly. Too early? You might want to leave it until it’s due, but with the holidays coming and uncertain Covid-19 situation, it’s best to prepare in advance. Vaccination will be done in COVID safe way.


Is your pet unwell? Looking for vet near Hastings?

Did you want to see a vet anyway as your pet is showing signs of illness? Does your pet have changes is eating, drinking, urination or defecation?  Also wounds, skin conditions, walking issues and changes in behaviour can all be signs that your pet may be feeling unwell and might have an underlying health condition. A vet consult may be necessary to try and understand if temporary or needs treatment sooner rather than later.

£36 for your pet visit!


Are fleas giving your beloved pet a hard time or not letting him/her to sleep properly?

Have you seen the fleas already? Or is your pet itchy, leaving fur everywhere, licking himself mad? Have you tried to get rid of them already with a pet shop product and seems not enough?

We are here to help! Medication review for £36 including ONE months worth flea treatment!


Lets summarise:

£36 for home vet visit* including either:

  • Vaccination if due or

  • Free ONE month’s worth flea treatment

All you need to do is to REGISTER AND/OR BOOK AN APPOINTMENT whenever convenient for you!


*Offer will end on the 15th of February 2021 and applies to pet owners within a 5 mile radius from Hastings.

Does not apply for emergencies or out of hours calls.