Doorstep vets in Bexhill!

Bexhill-on-Sea in one of the main areas covered by our mobile vets, being not more than 10 min away from my location, we can be there even in case of emergency!

Our Regular Consult Charge is £50, but for the moment we are still running the Promotional £36 Consultation Charge without home extra home visit fee.

Social distancing

The whole concept of social distancing is to reduce the number of human-human contacts and the closeness of those contacts. If we can prevent direct contact and stay 2 metres away from others, the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus (and a lot of other pathogens) drop greatly. Trying to maintain that distance during a house call means choreographing movements a bit and having owners keep other people (e.g. rest of the family) away so there’s less chance of accidentally invading anyone else’s “bubble” . Our mobile vets coming to Bexhill will always respect social distance and will ask you to wear mask on arrival.

Depending on the household and weather, there may be ways to reduce contact with the household environment too, such as examining the animal in a garage, on a porch or somewhere outside. There’s a balance between avoiding the household environment but also being able to effectively and safely work with the patient.

I would prefer if all visits are done at the back of the van , where there is lots of space , a consult table to separate us at least.

SARS-CoV-2 Variants and Animals

There’s been a lot of discussion about the potential for a pet’s haircoat to be contaminated with COVID-19 virus and be a source of infection, but we have basically zero data either way.  There’s presumably some degree of risk. However, it’s only relevant if the animal is in a household (and in contact) with an infected owner. So, if we are already screening to identify high risk owners, we drop the potential haircoat contamination concerns a lot. Beyond that, it’s a question of balancing practicality, prevention and personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies. I don’t think we need to bring out enhanced PPE for every animal contact, we just need to use good routine infection control measures. I’d rather save my PPE for when it’s clearly needed, to make sure I still have some.


Your pet needs more investigation or surgery?

Don’t worry, we have quite a close connection with one of the best practices in the are – Senlac Vets in Battle. All our emergencies and surgeries have been handled(like always) with great care and profesionalism.


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