Home visit vets in St Leonards and surroundings

We often get asked if GoPet Services is a franchise or if it’s part of a larger corporate veterinary group – and the answer is a resounding NO. We are really proud to run this small independent initiative of home visiting vets in St Leonards, turning out to be the helping hand when it comes to owners that are unable to bring their pets to a vet practice. 

With all the vet practices in St Leonards, Hastings and Bexhill being owned by corporations now, we are trying to make the difference when it comes to patient care and communication between owners and vets. Less than 41.6%  or vets in UK work in independent, stand-alone practice (e.g. a partnership), according to a study made in 2019 by RCVS(Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons)

After working for several practices in the area, I ended up at my last practice being hired exactly when they changed to corporate. I understood at that moment what it means for pet owners, for employed staff, and for local community. 

– no more waiting in queue to see a vet
– you can stay with your pet while I examine
– at least 30 min allocated per visit
– direct line with the vet after, in case any other questions arise
– no more car journeys or pet carriers

In case your pet needs further investigation or has to have a procedure under anaesthesia, don’t worry – Senlac Vets has got us covered.
Senlac Vets will cover also our emergencies during out of hours.

What we do:
• vaccinations  ( only if Covid-safe)
• Consultations  – usually at the back of my van so we can be outdoors and limit the close interaction
• Flea/wormer check over
• End of life assessment when the time comes
• TELEMEDICINE ! Video or audio phone calls for cases that cannot be visited or unsure whether needs a proper vet check.

This is how home vet visit are done:
– if you have got a dog, then we can examine him either on my improvised consult table in the boot of the van or out in your garden if possible.
– if you got a cat then please take all measures as it’s going to be indoors and possibly will need your help – wear mask, wash hands before visit, let me know if any Covid like symptoms before visit.
We can start with video consult to make the actual visit shorter. In some cases this might be enough.
Do not hesitate to ask pet related questions and I’ll try to help as much as I can.

So here we are! A month since we opened and already thinking of buying a proper vet ambulance to try and widen our range of services, become even more accesible for the pets that need us! 


BOOK APPOINTMENT with us as and give us a chance to survive between corporates!