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Vet Prices

Quality veterinary care for your pets

Dog Vaccines  Nobivac DHP+L4  £84
 Puppy Vaccination(both vaccines)  £120
Kennel Cough – with other vaccines  £22
Canigen Rabies  £90
Versican DHPPi+L4  £84
Cat Vaccines Annual booster  £84
Kitten vaccination(both vaccines)  £120
3 or more PETS(first one £84) £50
Rabbit Vaccines Myxo+RHD Plus  £74.20
Consultation  £60.00
Consultation – TELEMEDICINE(video or chat)  £25.00
Consultation – daytime emergency  £150.00
Emergency out of hours on Pet Health Plan  £150.00
Emergency out of hours after 8 PM and weekends  £250.00
Blood testing starting at  £99.36
Microchip during consult  £17.01
Written Prescription  £17.04
Put to sleep(Euthanasia) Cat/Rabbit(not including visit fee)  £100.00
Put to sleep(Euthanasia) Dog(not including visit fee)  £110.00
Communal Cremation Cat  £46.00
Communal Cremation Dog  £60.00
Individual cremation starting at:  £150.00
Referral fee  £30.00
Express anal glands, nail clipping(included in consult charge)  £30.00
Cat Castrate home service  £216
Cat Spay home service £252
Dog Castrate from  £256
Scale and Polish Dog £400
Scale and Polish Cat £350
Up to 3 extractions Cat £425
Up to 3 extractions Dog £450
Over 3 extractions Cat £450
Over 3 extractions Dog £475
Full mouth extraction Dog & Cat £600

Here is a list of services we can offer through the mobile service:

  • Consultations for all types of illnesses(skin conditions, lumps, diarrhoea or vomiting, minor injuries, endocrine conditions like diabetes, Cushing’s, Addisons, thyroid conditions, lethargy, etc)
  • Medication review – either only for flea/wormers checks or for ongoing conditions like arthritis, cardiac medication, diabetes, allergies.
  • Vaccination – either for new puppy/kittens or yearly vaccine, we have them all covered.
  • Nail clipping or anal glands – usually done by request during consultations
  • End of life assesment and guidance towards taking a decision in those hard moments.
  • Blood testing – we work with Idexx lab, one of the largest vet lab in UK, results usually next day. We also have a small lab at our premises where we can perform some investigation like Urine Analysis.
  • Referral to all major Veterinary Hospitals, including Fitzpatrick Referrals , North Downs Specialist Referrals.
  • We can provide quotes for routine and non routine surgical procedures that can be done at a first opinion practice.

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