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Vet Prices

Quality veterinary care for your pets

Dog Vaccines  Nobivac DHP+L4  £60
 Puppy Vaccination(both vaccines)  £96
Kennel Cough – with other vaccines  £22
Canigen Rabies  £60
Versican DHPPi+L4  £60
Cat Vaccines Annual booster  £67
Kitten vaccination(both vaccines)  £103
3 or more PETS(each) £45
Rabbit Vaccines Myxo+RHD Plus  £74.20
Consultation  £60.00
Consultation – TELEMEDICINE(video or chat)  £25.00
Consultation – daytime emergency  £96.00
Emergency out of hours weekdays 8-11 pm  £150.00
Emergency out of hours after 11 PM and weekends  £250.00
Blood testing starting at  £99.36
Microchip during consult  £16.36
Written Prescription  £17.04
Put to sleep(Euthanasia) Cat/Rabbit(not including visit fee)  £90.00
Put to sleep(Euthanasia) Dog(not including visit fee)  £100.00
Communal Cremation Cat  £46.00
Communal Cremation Dog  £60.00
Individual cremation starting at:  £150.00
Referral fee  £30.00
Express anal glands, nail clipping(included in consult charge)  £30.00

Here is a list of services we can offer through the mobile service:

  • Consultations for all types of illnesses(skin conditions, lumps, diarrhoea or vomiting, minor injuries, endocrine conditions like diabetes, Cushing’s, Addisons, thyroid conditions, lethargy, etc)
  • Medication review – either only for flea/wormers checks or for ongoing conditions like arthritis, cardiac medication, diabetes, allergies.
  • Vaccination – either for new puppy/kittens or yearly vaccine, we have them all covered.
  • Nail clipping or anal glands – usually done by request during consultations
  • End of life assesment and guidance towards taking a decision in those hard moments.
  • Blood testing – we work with Idexx lab, one of the largest vet lab in UK, results usually next day. We also have a small lab at our premises where we can perform some investigation like Urine Analysis.
  • Referral to all major Veterinary Hospitals, including Fitzpatrick Referrals , North Downs Specialist Referrals.
  • We can provide quotes for routine and non routine surgical procedures that can be done at a first opinion practice. Senlac Vets is our practice partner, with an outstanding reputation and experienced team.

Ready to REGISTER ? You will be able to book appointment online at any time after that.

Our aim – same vet prices as normal practices!

Working for different practices around the South-East I was always coming across the question: Can someone please come to my location? Can we not have the vaccination done in the comfort of our home? It will be much easier for Archie!
Unfortunately often we had to decline this service due to shortage of staff,  cost and time limitations.

Our goal is to provide the same level of care but to limit the stress on your pet, all at similar vet prices.
In general practice approximately 80% of the visits are  routine visits – vaccinations, flea/wormer checks, medication reviews/health update for ongoing medication, etc.
We are aiming to provide all this basic services, coming to your doorstep, after a pre-agreed time schedule.

We are not able to provide walk in appointments. In case of emergency/out of hours visit, vet prices will change. Medication prices will stay the same otherwise.

Please use the Emergency section for more details