I have to share with you the kind letter sent by one of my first home visits.

Marcell with his two special Sphynx cats, had some problems about a week ago. I asked him to write a review on Google Maps. But he decided to make it a story!

It may sound strange at first hearing, but if you think about pets we love and treat them as much as our children. And that’s a very good thing. We want to give them the best of everything, and their health should be no exception, here are few reasons why you should have your own mobile vet.

The mobile vet comes to you rather than you going to the vets


Undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits. Let me tell you one of my own experiences with home visit.

I was away from home about 400miles. My wife called saying our beautiful Leila, a female sphynx cat, looks in pain and was panicking. As we don’t drive, there wasn’t a quick solution to take Leila to the vet. I was worried too, so I looked on the internet for solutions and found the mobile vet. I’ve managed to book an appointment straight away. Mike the vet responded and came on the same day and helped us without hesitation. I must mention what a relief was to all of us and how thankful we felt when the “solution” comes to our doorstep.

That was our experience. I’m thinking – what happens if the owner does not have a car? Or vulnerable or elderly people’s and their beloved pets needs an immediate care but we are far away to help them out? Good to know there is someone who can help in these difficult situations.

It is something that Hastings needed. We always struggled to find means of transport.

Anyway, we owners are also in a stressful situation because we are afraid for our little pet, and it is better to be at home in their usual environment at least. Not to mention what if there is no veterinary around the corner…

 Calm environment, familiar face

Pets not only needs the vet if there is a problem, but they also need regular examinations. Just like a human being. On the one hand, our vet can prevent more serious consequences. On the other hand, us owners, the vet and our little adorable Leila got to know each other better and already greet each other as friends in a pleasant home environment.

A friendly bond can be built in a comfortable situation

Very important to mention that we don’t have to put unnecessary stress our loved ones with the noisy travelling and bring them into a strange unknown environment going to a  vet practice. So we have a chance to reduce the stress factors. After all we want to help, aren’t we?

Finally, not to forget – easy to get in touch

We had questions 2 days after as Leila recovered quite quickly and not sure if to continue treatment. It was just a matter of sending a text message on the website and received a quick answer.